About me


Hi My name is Jeejung (지정). I am an animator and illustrator based in Brooklyn, NY.

My bicultural background spurred my curiosity in conveying important yet complex messages with ease and wonder. After working in various art disciplines, I stumbled upon video art 8 years ago, and have been happily living in the world of motion graphics ever since.

I bring my love of craft and storytelling to everything I make, exploring different styles, techniques and creating clever transitions to create colorful pieces. Some of the clients I have worked for, include: Bloomberg Media, TED, Graphicacy, and the Bo M. Karlsson foundation.

For collaborations, bookings, project inquiries or anything else, please get in touch via:   jeejung.work@gmail.com

My skills: 
2D animation .  Illustration . Design .  Storyboard . Character Design